Whimsical Dogs and Baskets


WOOF! Dogs Rock!
Do you love dogs and see the personalities shine through??
Whimsical, colorful, dog paintings from oil pastels on canvas
make a room pop! The energy and personality of each painting gives any room more life and energy. 
 My dogs have been my most cherished friends, and I try to bring my Love for them onto canvas....to bring a smile.
Each one of my paintings is unique and  one of a kind.
from materials mostly gleaned from Balboa Park, handmade, unique, one of a kind, (they are never the same)...fickle objects, really....materials can be Dracaena Draco, inflorescence, philodendron, pine needles, grapefruit skins, and a lot of soap operas (I make them while watching All My Children & One Life to Live)..styles are: hip baskets, Appalachian baskets, random baskets, and more.
Each basket has its own personality: quiet, shy, maternal, flashy, staunch, etc...and apparently choose their owners...and, no, none of them are made out of cannabis.  ;-)
*All artwork can be mailed.  Cash or Checks only.  Commissions require 50% down payment.
About My Studio... 
Studio #26 in historical Spanish Village Art Center, resembles a quaint Andalucian village in Spain, with charming white cottages, and colorful, cheerful pavers throughout the grounds. We are within walking distance to the San Diego Zoo, first rate museums and all the park's amenities. My studio offers demonstrations and classes for adults & children....see @spanishvillageart.com  Free parking...ride the historical carousel w/brass rings to catch, miniature choo-choo train rides, street entertainment, live music, people watching, and dog friendly (my studio has doggy biscuits and fresh water for the 4 legged buggers ;-).

 About the Artist.....I am a 'senior citizen' with plenty of those 'senior moments'.  All my life, I've lived in San Diego...first in China Town (yes, San Diego did have a China Town) then to the suburbs...not having blonde hair and round blue eyes...I was the odd one out, square peg in round hole, raisin nut amongst wonder...and in my quest to understand, I studied psychology at San Diego State University. Somewhere, along the way, art crept into my psyche and taught me to let go, roll with it, and enjoy the ride....art is a good ride. 

Art is Emotion...Emotion is Life. Life is Art! (lai quon)

Art is.


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